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Precautions for Use

 Before Use 

❶ Before use, make sure the product is in good condition and all parts are completely assembled. Use the product under safe conditions.

❷ The strap of this product needs to be installed by yourself. Please refer to the instructions when assembling to avoid accidents.

❸ When the product is sealed, it looks like there is a gap between the frames, which is normal. In fact, it is the transparent silicone instead of a gap. You can rest assured of our product.

 This product contains small parts (especially during disassembly and assembly). Please keep them out of reach of your kids to avoid suffocation caused by ingestion.

 The first time you use Lasty food pack, please wash it with neutral detergent.

 If you can’t find some parts mentioned above or get a defective product, please contact us no later than 7 days from receipt of products. Our staff will help you solve the problem as soon as possible.

 In Use 

This product can be stored in refrigerator or freezer and is microwave safe. To avoid danger, do not put it on a gas stove, in an oven or in a steam cooker.

❷ Before you put Lasty food pack into the microwave, make sure Lasty food pack is open, or it might pose a danger. In addition, make sure you disassemble the strap for fear that high temperature might cause damage to the parts. Please don’t heat up high-fat foods, or microwave Lasty food pack with nothing in it. Set the microwave power to 70% with a 500-600 watt machine, and don’t microwave Lasty food pack longer than 2 minutes every time. If the food is not hot enough, microwave it again (also no longer than 2 minutes). Do not microwave Lasty food pack for a long time for fear of overheating.

❸ Keep Lasty food pack away from sharp objects to avoid that the silicone bag is damaged.

❹ Don’t avoid Lasty food pack’s plastic parts to sunlight or ultraviolet radiation for a long time, which might cause embrittlement and the decrease in durability.

❺ Load capacity of Lasty food pack is 2 kg. Do not put foods over 2 kg in the bag. It is recommended that you use the strap when you put hot food in Lasty food pack.

❻ This product is only leakproof. As a result, don’t pour liquid over the scale line, invert Lasty food pack, or squeeze Lasty food pack, which may cause a leak (because the weight of liquid gather on one side). That is the limit of the structure, not a flaw of the product. Please pay attention when using Lasty food pack.

❼ Before you open Lasty food pack, if there is liquid gathered on the triangle parts on both sides, please squeeze the liquid into the bag to avoid some liquid spilling out.That is the limit of the structure, not a flaw of the product. Please pay attention when using Lasty food pack. 

 After Use 

Please use a sponge or dishwasher to wash Lasty food pack, and do not use a scouring pad for fear that there are some scratches on the silicone surface.

❷ You can use a dish dryer to dry Lasty food pack but do not use UV disinfection, which may accelerate the aging of the parts and cause the decrease in durability.

❸ If Lasty food pack is air-dry, there may be white water stain on the surface.

❹ To prevent Lasty food pack from developing a funky taste or odor, wash it right after you use it.

❺ It is easy for silicone material to absorb taste and pigment; as a result, carrying staining foods or foods with strong taste with Lasty food pack is not recommended. If Lasty food pack is dyed or has a smell, it will not affect your use. If you want to remove the taste or the stain, you can pour hot water into the bag, and then add some white vinegar, baking soda or sodium percarbonate. Leave it to soak for a period and the taste or the stain will dissipate.

❻ If you need to disassemble this product to clean the individual parts, make sure that all parts are dried before assembly. Moisture inside the product may cause mildew.

❼ We provides after-sales service to help you replace wear parts. If you need any assistance, feel free to contact us.

❽ If you need to disassemble and reassemble Lasty food pack, please refer to the instruction manual. If you do not assemble the product according to the instruction manual, our company will not be responsible for the damage of this product. Buyers are responsible for shipping costs. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.