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Instructions of lasty food pack


When you assemble the strap:


1. Slide the U-shaped end into the joint from bottom to top with the logo facing inward first

2. Turn the U-shaped end upside down, and then pull the strap to the bottom to complete the installation of the strap on one side.

3. After completing the unilateral installation, you can switch to the other side. Turn the U-shape end upside down and slide it into the joint with the logo facing inward. After that, turn it upside down again to complete the installation.


To store Lasty food pack, first press the left and the right of the silicone body to squeeze the air out. Second, divide the silicone body into thirds and fold it twice.


After folding the lasty food pack, you can gently press the silicone body again to completely squeeze the air out of it, and then press the lock lid.


Look at the strap and find the part with logo first. Use the strap to bind the Lasty food pack (2 circles), and then pull the part with logo into the hole. Finish!


If you need to disassemble joint, first place your thumbs on one side of the Silicone body with pack frame(A) and (B) on it. Then, bend it about 30 degrees on both sides, and you can disassemble the joint. (30 degrees is the angle designed for the disassembly of joint.) 


When you are going to assemble the joint, make sure that the protrusions on the joint fit into the holes on both frames, so that you can successfully assemble the joint. During your assembly, if the angle is not like what is shown below, it may cause the wear of the parts. Please pay attention.


After you disassemble the joints on both sides, you can easily disassemble the pack frames. When you need to assemble the pack frames, slide the pack frames along the groove and make it fit into place. After the assembly, make sure your Lasty food pack fit into the place like the left picture below before you start the assembly of joint. (If it looks like the right picture below, it needs to be reassembled.) 


When you want to disassemble the lock lid, place your thumb in the center of the lock lid and press it down (the lock lid is elastic).


When you are about to assemble the lock lid, first insert the column on one side of the lock lid into the hole on the pack frame(A). Then place your thumb in the center of the lock lid, and press it to insert the column on the other side into the hole. Done!